Powerful in the network – DRS, Hagelschaden-Zentrum & HPI-Zentrum
  • 22. March 2022

Powerful in the network – DRS, Hagelschaden-Zentrum & HPI-Zentrum

AUTOHAUS MAGAZINE reports in detail in the 05/2022 issue: “With the takeover of the traditional hail damage companies HPI-Zentrum and Hagelschaden-Zentrum, DRS Holding, based in Hamburg, has become a real mega service provider. The three companies continue to operate independently on the market and work as before their respective key customers. Hail damage pioneer Gerhard Schimanski is convinced that his company will continue to shape the local repair scene in association with DRS, as it has done for over 30 years. The DOL veteran HPI-Zentrum will remain an independent and efficient industry service provider even under its new owner and works trustingly with insurance companies, SV offices, workshops and car manufacturers.”

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(Veröffentlicht in AUTOHAUS 05/2022, Texte: Karsten Thätner, Bilder: siehe Quellenangaben im PDF)

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