Damage to the bodywork and paintwork caused by hail is repaired by us using the paintless repair method (PDR – Paintless Dent Removal), without damaging the original paintwork. Dents and bumps are carefully pressed out or pulled out using specially developed tools. The great advantage of this method is that no filling or painting work is necessary and the full corrosion protection of the original paint is retained.


With the gentle and paintless repair method (PDR – Paintless Dent Removal) and specially developed tools, the dents are carefully pushed out or pulled out by our specialists. The original sheet metal of your vehicle is shaped back to its original state. You will be amazed how perfectly this method works. The original paintwork of your vehicle and thus also the corrosion protection are completely retained.

Our convenient full service for our customers includes the complete insurance process, a replacement vehicle or the pick-up and delivery service for your car.

Over 30 years of experience in stationary and mobile hail damage repair which gives you the security of the most careful, professional service. We offer you the complete range of services from a single source. With our highly sensitive light control technology and the trained eyes of our specialists, we will not miss the smallest dent in your vehicle. Look forward to a perfectly and sustainably repaired vehicle!




The gentle and paintless repair technique requires from our specialists – also known as “dent doctors” – a lot of tact and experience in dealing with special tools and the individual damage patterns on the vehicles. Without changing the original paint by filling or painting, the dents are carefully and gently pushed upwards from below with dent levers and routine hand movements or pulled upwards with adhesive technology. It takes talent and practice to bring this technique to perfection so that in the end not a single dent is visible in the paint. It is not uncommon that there are several hundred small and large hail dents per vehicle, which each is repaired with the greatest care.

With this special tool for the paintless dent removal technique, hail dents are “pressed” precisely, i.e. the dent is carefully and gently pushed upwards using the dent removal lever so that it is no longer visible. The original paintwork and corrosion protection are retained in full. Damaged vehicle components do not need to be replaced, filled or painted.

The adhesive technology is used wherever it is not possible to work optimally with dent levers and aligning hooks or in places that are difficult to access. For this purpose, small plastic tension bolts are placed on the dents using a special adhesive. Then the tension bolt is pulled off the dent with a jerk with a hammer or dent lifter. If too much deformation has taken place as a result of the pulling off, this is compensated for with Teflon striking tools.


Benefit from our extensive SERVICE PLUS – PERFORMANCE within the scope of order processing at the hail damage and auto glass center. Your vehicle is in the best of hands with us!

  • Replacement vehicle

    We keep you mobile!
    We will provide you with a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair, even if it is not covered by your insurance. Please reserve your replacement vehicle when you make an appointment with our service team.

  • Pick-up and delivery service

    Our shuttle for your vehicle!
    As an alternative to providing a replacement vehicle, you have the option of using our convenient pick-up and delivery service.

  • Exclusive use of original manufacturer spare parts

    100% original spare parts!
    If spare parts have to be installed, our customers can be sure that only high-quality original spare parts from the respective manufacturer are used.

  • All repairs according to the manufacturer's specifications

    We work according to vehicle manufacturer specifications!
    Equipped with the most modern tools, our specialists and technicians work exactly according to the strict specifications of the vehicle manufacturers. You can rely on us!

  • Upon request, an expert order and complete repair processing

    We take care of everything!
    Our full service includes, upon request, ordering a certified motor vehicle expert as well as complete repairs.

  • Trust partner of your insurance company

    Contact person no. 1
    for insurance companies, experts, vehicle leasing companies and gladly for you too! In close coordination with your vehicle insurance company, we organize collective assessments and then take care of the entire repair process.

  • Certified company ISO9001:2015 / DEKRA / BVdP / ZKF

    Quality management certification according to ISO 9001:2015 (www.tuev-sued.de/ms-zert)
    DEKRA Automobil GmbH
    DEKRA Siegel "Werkstattprüfung für Karosseriefachbetriebe"
    Bundesverband der Partnerwerkstätten e.V.
    Bodywork specialist
    Member of the "Zentralverband Karosserie- und
    Fahrzeugtechnik e. V."

  • Vehicle cleaning before delivery to our customers

    Brilliant prospects!
    You can look forward to the handover after the repair, because we will give you your vehicle back in a thoroughly cleaned condition. This free service is a matter of course at the hail damage center!

  • Assistance-oriented all-round service

    Passionate about service!
    From the first contact when the vehicle is received, through fast and professional maintainance to complete repairs: the highest quality and excellent service are particularly important to us in the reliable and punctual processing of your order. Test us!

  • Optimal repair processing

    We act in your interests!
    We work according to the most modern repair methods, always looking for an efficient way of repairing and thus taking into account the duty to minimize damage.

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