Big company event of the DRS-Group in Isenbüttel
  • 7. June 2023

Big company event of the DRS-Group in Isenbüttel

Our team had the pleasure of attending the first joint DRS Group event in Isenbüttel at the beginning of May. It was a fantastic opportunity to get together with a number of colleagues from the different companies in the group. Some were able to meet each other here for the first time, while others saw old acquaintances again. We were thrilled to be part of this impressive event!

During the official part, we learned where the DRS Group comes from and what exciting opportunities will open up on our common path. In the evening, we socialized in a pleasant atmosphere over delicious food and enjoyed our time together.

Throughout the day, we were accompanied by the wonderful Susanne Schöne, who not only guided us through the individual steps of the event, but also created a clear flow with expertise and a talent for asking the right questions.

Here are some impressions of this really successful day:

The values of service, quality, sustainability, success, team and innovation are the common ground of all companies of the DRS Group and are also the values that we at the Hagelschaden-Zentrum live every day. During the event, we realized once again how important and inspiring these common values are.

With this strong community at our side, we are starting the season with lots of energy and drive. Already on the same evening, we had our first hail damage event in the Ulm/Senden area, so some team members of the Hagelschaden-Zentrum were already fully on duty directly after the event. What a start…

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